Maas Neotek


'''Maas Neotek''' is a mysterious, foreboding city populated by the technologically enhanced hepcats. While daunting to reach, located in the Crater Rim which happens to be a considerable distance from the relative safety of Freedom City the equipment there is acknowledged to be far better than what is available in Freedom City, but even after the trek up into the crater, there are still the hepcats to be dealt with….

Regardless, Maas has several useful mutations, one of which is the oft-used High Density, which are worth the effort to make one's way up and sneak past the hostile inhabitants. At best, the average hepcat will simply make jokes about you; at worst, a hepcat such as Jack (the one with the poison pick) will take a stab at you, probably killing you after one or two skull-crushing hits. Hepcats are '''not''' to be taken lightly, unless you have a highly skilled escort.

Getting There

On foot: From Freedom City, go south to Slagtown and southeast to Crater Rim. Head east and then north until you reach a bridge. J'Mak, a generic NPC, will be blocking the bridge. Kill him or push him away, then head across the bridge and eastward until you reach the redneck encampment. Go southeast out of the encampment, then north when you hit the mountains. Be careful, as continuing southeast at the fork will land you in Glowstiller, which is far more dangerous.

By air: The ospreys operated by Bucko and Alexis will fly as far as the Crater Rim helipad. From there, walk east to the redneck encampment and continue as prescribed on foot. Alternately, those in player-owned aircraft can land in the center of Maas Neotek itself, on the roof of Maas's one and only NPC apartment complex.


The Neo You: A shop selling implants and endocrine boosters.<br />
Mutations: High Density, Fuck Machine, and Rubber Skin.

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