In the wonderful world of HellMOO, there are powers that allow you to have unnatural abilities. These powers are called mutations. There are many mutations available in the game. Their locations are documented in Injection Junction in Freedom City, also marked IJ on your map. The mutations can be acquired in specific locations that are hidden or a little difficult to reach. When you find a mutation, something similar to this will appear:

You realize you could mutate here.
Type 'mutate' to develop the 'snakeskin' mutation.

Will you mutate?

If no, then just continue with what you are doing. If you don't type the exact command mutate snakeskin, you will not gain this mutation. If yes, then something will happen, very similar to this next example.

Your slashing resistance increased by 2 - 4!
Your stabbing resistance increased by 1 - 3!
Creature's body twists and shudders…
You've developed the 'snakeskin' mutation!

Before you mutate, think it over. Removing mutations is costly. So, make each choice wisely. There are mutations that are obviously better than others in terms of their gameplay benefits, those will not be singled out here. Your mutations are a part of what makes your character unique. It is up to you to decide which mutations make the most sense for your character.

Mutations can be pretty useful but they also have their downfalls. The soak/focus/other distinction does not exist in-game, and is merely for convenience.

Generally, if not always, mutation areas are slightly irradiated; since radiation has no (currently known) permanent or particularly dangerous side-effects, hanging around for a while will probably not do you any harm. As your rad count automatically goes down on its own, probably faster than the mutation areas will raise it, gaining radiation mutations from a mutation area is, ironically, fairly hard.

Soak mutations

Soak mutations (or "Skin mutations") are now limited to three per player. Level 2 mutations are all upgrades to level 1 mutations and require their level 1 counterpart. You can only get 3 soak mutations total.

Level 1

Mutation Description Location
Snakeskin 2-4 slash and 1-3 stab resistance the underground mine
Rubberskin 3-6 electric and 1-3 acid resistance Maas Neotek
High Density 3-5 beat and 1-4 bullets resistance Maas Neotek
Firewalker 5-8 burn, 1-4 radiation, and 1-4 acid resistance the sharpton projects
Yeti Skin Increases cold resist by 8-10. Makes you immune to the cold status effect. Mountain Pass

Level 2

Mutation Description Location
Eelskin +4 Swim, +2-4 electric and +2-4 stabbing resistance. Greatly increases chances of breaking out of a hold. You need to pee 50% less, but you get thirsty 50% faster. Outside the Kraken's cave.
Silicone Skin 2-4 acid laser 2-6 explode 2-6, and your body becomes unhackable and ungibbable. Trauma kits become 40% less effective. the oasis in the glass mesa
Lithodermis 1-2 beat and 2-2 bullet resistance, as well as resistance to brain damage, broken limbs, and knockouts. -3 to swim and climb, and since you're heavier you can carry less. Adamant Canyon
Solar Sponge Burn +1-3, irradiation +2, laser +2-3. Heal when hot/on fire (not by much though) ''Mutually exclusive with Vampirism''. ground zero in the wasteland
Yeti Fur 5 - 5 cold and 1 - 2 beat resistance, +1 to brawn, -1 - -3 to fire resistance, yetis will not attack you. Weezer Dam

Focus mutation

Mutation Description Location
Writhing Smoke +2 focus, gives you the ability to exhale, which allows you to fill the room with black smoke, making it easier to flee. the abandoned highway
Screech +2 focus, gives the ability to screech. Damages your enemies and has the possibility of stunning them. the chemical plant
Salamander +4 to swim, +4 to climb, -1 to craft, +1 to focus. Allows you to mend broken limbs. mend relies on a focus check and can heal damage. Behind Gator Boy in the shoreline
Fuck machine +1 cool, -1 climb, +4 fuck, +1 focus. Gives you the fantasize command, which allows you to get horny on command. Has the potential to add IP to Focus. Fantasize has a 15 second cooldown. You can attempt to accelerate your orgasm, or orgasm spontaneously, with the cum command, which has a 10-second cooldown. There is also the engorge command which will cause a character without a dick to grow one, which will remain until death. This works for females, neuters, and guys who fuck up with the RDCD and get their dicks ripped off. [[Maas Neotek]]
Carrie -1 Cool. Allows you to set people (who you are in combat with) and light items (such as joints) on fire using your mind, with damage being determined by a Focus roll. firepit in the open plains

Movement mutations

These mutations are mutually exclusive with the other mutations of their level. In other words, you can pick Phaser, Clairvoyance, or Leapfrog, plus its respective upgrade, and none of the others. The Leapfrog/Flight path is exclusive to Lithodermis, but now you can have High Density and still fly, making flight somewhat feasible.

Level 1

Mutation Description Location
Phaser +1 Focus, gives the ability to memorize any outdoor spot, and then phase to it as long as nobody is watching you or standing in your phase spot the wasteland, south east at the very bottom
Clairvoyance +3 Focus, gives you the ability to leave your body and travel around HellMOO, without actually traveling. You are able to see psi shimmers while projected, and if there is too much psi in the room you can take damage. You can sweep to check for other clairs in the same room, and if you can find them, you can pulse to damage them. You can also listen to conversations in the room if you pass a focus roll for each time someone says something. The Cave of All Souls
Leapfrog -1 brawn, -1-3 beat resistance, +1 dodge, lets you leap up/down stuff. leaping lets you instantly move in any direction that would normally require a climb. This will sometimes fail, which usually causes about 0-2 beat damage. [[Mt. Fisty]]

Level 2

Mutation Description Location
Blink Upgrade to Phaser, gives you the ability to blink to a random place using focus. If your focus is high enough, you can also successfully blink <area> for quicker transportation. If you fail the focus, you run the risk of telefragging or blinking to an undesired location. If someone else is in the tile you blink to, you will also telefrag. The Labrynth (Heart of Necropolis)
Medium Upgrade to Clairvoyance, allows you to seek out other players. +1 to Focus. The higher your focus, the more accurate the roll. If your focus is high enough, you will accurately pinpoint the area that they currently reside. However, if their focus is high enough, they will be able to either detect that someone is seeking them, detect who is seeking them, or even detect where they are being sought from. Seek your targets with care! top of dike (Stormfront Island)
Flight Upgrade to Leapfrog. Gives you the ability to fly,climb,dive and land. The downsides to fly are the cold that affects you while in the air, and the chupacabras which will attack you while flying. skies above the necropolis gate.

Other mutations

Mutation Description Location
Empath Develop the power to psionically sense and absorb the emotions and feelings of others. On the upside, it will help your psionic and medical abilities; on the downside, the torment of others may harm you. ''Requires: blink, flight, or medium AND swollen brain'' berkeley psychic institute
Enigma You are a complete mystery to others. People can't accurately determine how strong you are, or what ailments you suffer from. In fact, your mysterious aura is so thick that it sometimes effects your own senses. Coincidentally, this makes you pretty cool. +2 cool, -1 senses, you cannot be diagnosed ''or appraised'' by anyone, including yourself. Back room of Heaven bar in gangland.
Hooligan Something's…not right with your head. You have trouble focusing, and you're prone to bouts of brain damage. On the plus side, this makes it difficult to stun or distract you. Decreases focus by 3! Increases stun resistance by 35! You get a 'headbutt' command, with a chance of stun and damage based on your brawn. It uses the wrestle skill! Nukem Academy - 2nd Floor
Mule Pouches in your skin let you carry 30% more weight. However, you feel stressed and uncomfortable if your pouches aren't full enough. Sharpton Interior - Basement
Billygoat Can eat anything you can junk. Chance to barf up components from eaten items. No penalties from being full. -1 to Endurance. +1 to Climb. ''Mutually exclusive with Vampirism.'' Crater Rim
Bleeder You gain the power to inflict bleeding wounds on yourself, but you will feel naked whenever you are not covered in at least a little blood. Additionally, bleeding wounds will cause you to enter a frenzy. ''Mutually exclusive with Ultra-Clot'' Princeton General
Camelfat Fat tissue reorganizes into a powerful water-storage medium. You'll get thirsty much more slowly. Drugs (both good and bad) will also take longer to work their way through your system. Incompatible with: eelskin and iron liver Sea of Dunes.
Iron Liver Resistance to poison and alcohol, makes pleasure drugs and nanite healers less effective. 40 resistance to THC and speed, 25 resistance to nanite healers, 60 resistance to curare, 70 resistance to spider venom, 75 resistance to pcp, 50 resistance to alcohol. Alcohol heals you 1-7 hp per tick based off how drunk you are. Healing lasts for the duration of the drunk status effect. the chemical plant
Bloodhound +4 to [[track]], +2 to senses the mountain pass
Twitchy Nerves +2 Reflexes, -1 Senses Vault 4
Ultra-clot Makes your wounds seal up instantly so that you can't bleed to death, and +2 Endurance. Weapons which bypass armor to cause direct bleeding damage, such as sonic scalpels, will still inflict damage against you, but won't cause you to bleed. the subway tunnels
Abomination Requires Hideous Freak, Ripper, and Fuck Machine. -2 brains, -2 cool, +1 endurance, +1 brawn, +3 fish, -2 pistols, -2 rifles, -6 persuade, 4-10 beat, 6-9 slash, 4-10 stab, 8-10 bullet, and 1-4 acid resist, inability to wear regular armor (low thickness limit), can devour corpses for healing, burrow allows you to log out in outdoor type rooms safely, acid jizz/piss, as well as a claws upgrade that gives them radiation damage on top of more damage. Anyone in the same room with you will be irradiated (You cannot be irradiated yourself), you can breathe underwater, drugs do not get you addicted, nanites are only 40% as effective, food will only fill you 20% as much as it did. Once you die, your corpse will explode shortly after, causing damage to anyone in the room. Sealab
Brute strength +3 to brawn, -1 to endurance. ''Mutually exclusive with Swollen Brain.'' In the sewers, underneath Charnold
Swollen Brain +3 to brains, +1 to senses, -1 to cool. ''Mutually exclusive with Brute Strength. In the sewers, across the bridge to the west. Requires two people to get across the bridge.
Stench Your skin glands produce an especially repulsive body odor; most people and creatures will be reluctant to come close enough to attack you. Unfortunately this pervasive stench interferes with your senses, and your sexual desirability. You also have trouble smelling anything BUT yourself. sewers
Hyperimmune +2 endurance, immunity to all diseases, 50 resistance to rad sickness, reduces effectiveness of nanite healers by 60%. All other drugs still work. ''Mutually exclusive with Vampirism. the subway tunnels
Vampirism Turns you into a permanent vampire. +4 to brawn, cool, endurance, and senses. -4 to brains. You will take damage from the sun if you are outside during the day, but only half as much as those who have the vampirism disease. You do not gain sustenance from normal food, and will have to drink the blood from your victims, using feed from. Typically you will have to hold them for this to work, though people can willingly allow you to feed from them. Whenever you kill something, usually blood will splatter, and you can feed from this by using lick blood or taste blood. ''Mutually exclusive with Hyperimmune, Hideous Freak, Solar Sponge, and Billygoat.'' slagtown cemetary
Hideous Freak Gives you the ability to scare people, giving them fear. -3 to cool, +4 to senses, +1 to endurance, +3 sneak, -2 persuade, +4 torture, +3 focus. Makes shopkeepers fear you, disabling your ability to buy/sell. FCPD will kill you on sight. All stress effects are reversed. Now with acid blood! ''Mutually exclusive with Vampirism.'' the necropolis gate
Ripper Gives you claws. +1 to fist, +2 to climb, -5 to locskmith, -4 to craft, -3 to repair and medic, -1 to pilot and chemistry. ''Mutually exclusive with Nimble Fingers.'' the underground mine
Nimble Fingers +1 Locksmith and Craft, +2 Reflexes, -2 Endurance, -2-4 Beat protection. ''Mutually exclusive with Ripper.'' the sewers below the bug queen
Fibrocartilage +4 Max health, +100 resistance to ''''all anti-aging methods.'''' (In other words, currently, just rejuvex.) This means you cannot reduce your age until you remove this mutation, which means you need to use Stormfront's mutation remover. Unrecommended. Shoggoth Lair
Junkrat +1 Scavenge, -1 Cool, +1 Senses. Gives the sniff command which lets you find secret exits and sniff for which lets you locate a specific item in a room. Toxic Dump
Zombie Become a shambling, undead brain-sucker. Zombies love you as one of their own. Mmmmhrhmmhmmmbraaaanes… -6 brains, -2 brawn, +2 endurance, -10 sneak, +50 disease resistance, +100 zombie rot stage I resistance, +50 bleeding resistance, +25 burning resistance, -25 cold resistance, +75 addiction resistance, +100 suffocation resistance; Soaks: 3-6 beat, 10-20 bullets, 2-5 electric, 100-100 suffocation, 50-100 healing; lets you feed on corpses or severed heads, howl to summon the undead to your aid, and puke to puke bile on someone. Also, you are cloned in random locations and will re-animate after you die if you wait long enough. Incompatible with: billygoat, bleeder, hideous freak, hyperimmune, silicone skin, and vampire. Necropolis Floodplain.

Radiation Mutations

You have a chance to get mutations from having a lot of radiation (The amount appears to be 20 or more). Once you have about the needed amount, simply wait (heal yourself periodically if you need to) and one of these mutations may eventually occur. These mutations are temporary, when you die you'll lose them. If you have high endurance you may shrug off getting the mutation.

Mutation Effects Message when Acquired Visible Effects
second head brains +1, cool -1 You feel a terrible pain in your shoulder— feels like something is being rearranged. Then there's a lot of pressure on your skin, and with a pop, something appears. <name> has a second head on <their> shoulder. It is shrunken and underdeveloped, but its eyes occasionally focus on you.
chameleon +4 sneak Your skin feels briefly like it's on fire, and large black patches appear all over it. You look at your hand, and realize you can see the floor reflected on it. <name> is hard to get a fix on. They shift in and out of sight, seemingly at random.
third eye +2 senses With a blinding flash of pain, the skin of your forehead splits, and then… you can see. Like never before. <name> has a third eye in the center of <their> forehead. It flicks about lazily.
red eyes +2 brawn, +2 reflexes, +1 senses, -4 cool Something in your brain snaps. Your vision tinges with red, and your face feels very itchy. <names>'s eyes no longer have any discernible features— they are just solid red.
downs syndrome brawn +1, brains -3 Duhhhurrr. The world abruptly seems much simpler <name>'s head is a funny shape, and <their> eyes are a little too far apart.
strange-looking skin +1 reflexes, -1 endurance Your skin suddenly feels like it's giving way, melting, but not. You move your arm and realize it makes you sort of 'flow'… very strange. <name>'s skin looks strange. It is slightly translucent, and appears to bead, like water, before breaking up again.
elephantitis -2 reflexes Your body shivers with pain, and your flesh starts to swell, straining your skin. Ugh. <name>'s flesh is blobby and swollen. Ick.
third arm Let's you triple-wield, but you can't wear clothes on your abdomen and occasionally drop what you're holding <name> clutches <their> shoulder in agony as it twists and shudders, sprouting a bizarre protrusion that slowly forms itself into something resembling an arm. <name> has a disgusting mutated third arm growing from <their> shoulder.

Getting one of the rad mutations is easy enough if you move about in an irradiated area (wasteland, desert, glowstiller, nuked areas, etc) for a while. If you are '''seriously''' dedicated, the power plant southeast of the control room in the Colossus Silo will instantly set you up with 20 delicious rads and probably a shitload more unless you leave in a hurry.

To be safe, use irradiated items such as Plutonium Rods, Spent Fuel Rods, Enriched Uranium Rods, etc, to collect rads. Get to 20+ rads, and then drop the items and move to somewhere else, and await mutation.

Also, you could try to stand near an Abomination who isn't too much of a douchebag to kill you on sight (which is rare) and bathe in its healthy green glow until desired amount is reached.

Mutation Slots

When you first start out, you have one free mutation slot. For every 3,500 XP you earn, either from combat or quests, you will get another mutation slot, until you have gained five mutation slots. After your sixth slot opens, you'll get mutation slots every 7,000 XP until your tenth mutation slot. From then on you will earn mutation slots every 9,000 XP. You cannot gain another mutation without a free mutation slot.

XP Slots
0 1
3,500 2
7,000 3
10,500 4
14,000 5
17,500 6
24,500 7
31,500 8
38,500 9
45,500 10
55,500 11
65,500 12
75,500 13
85,500 14
95,500 15
105,500 16
115,500 17
125,500 18
135,500 19
145,500 20
155,500 21
165,500 22

[You earned another mutation slot!]

Mutation Removal

It's possible to remove your mutations now through a device on Stormfront Island. The penalties associated with this are as follows:
You age 10 years.
Your health drops to 5 below the starting max, 25.
You lose 1 raw from a random skill from your top three.

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