Panopticon Prison

If you commit a crime in Freedom City, and get caught, brutalized and killed by the police, you will be sent here. Serve your time, find the appropriate terminal and pay your fine to get out immediately, or grind craft and locksmith. Prison might be harsh, but it has its benefits.

Upon getting in prison, you will notice a new implant - Panopticon Cortex Bomb. You should be able to guess what it might do if it sets off, and you will get it regardless of spawning in the clone vats or walking in.
If you decide to turn yourself in, you can do that by walking into the prison while being wanted; but you can't carry any weapons, armor, or containers with you. But you might get a skilled friend to hand you something from the outsideā€¦

Beware, though. Other prisoners may be hostile, or in desperate need of sex - and they won't ask nicely. Rumors say that Panopticorp has been experimenting with what they think they could be a solution to the criminal problem. Also, it is said that some prisoners have set up a fighting ring.

Panopticon is located in Gangland: to reach it, exit Freedom City from the road just north of the Helliday Inn, go west and north at the first intersection, and voila - there you are.

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