Benefits in Prison

Not the gay kind

What to do if you find yourself in prison

So you decided to butt rape Janet while wandering around Freedom City and you find yourself in prison. You are more than likely going to be stuck there for at least 20 minutes and maybe much longer unless you decide to pay the fine. So you have a few options of things to occupy your time:

  • You can up your crafting skill by using the license plate press downstairs.
  • You can find schematics for lock picks upstairs in one of the cells. Cells are usually locked but they will open periodically.
  • You can use license plates in conjunction with the schematics to create lock picks, and then grind out your picking skill on the locked cells upstairs.
  • There is a weight set on the second floor that you can use to increase your brawn skill. For further information on working out, check out the Working Out entry, by LochLain
  • Some prisoners have useful knowledge, and may be willing to teach you a thing or two for a fee. Try to find them.

License plate press

  • All you have to do in order to use the press is go into the room with the press on the first floor and use the command assemble license plate with license plate press
  • Do this as long as you want to build up your craft skill or to build up a stock of license plates for creating lock picks

Stat gains may be slow this, but its something to do if you are stuck in prison with nothing better to do. Of course if you prefer you can just rape and murder the other inmates. It's really up to you.

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