Simple Character Building Guide

This is supposed to be a basic guide to making a fighter-type character in HellMOO. It is not the end-all authority on HellMOO minmaxing, but as a collaboration between poopsockers it has more authority than any other document touching the subject. There are ways to enjoy yourself without minmaxing the crap out of your stats and skills. Brains characters can ignore this, as well as gimmick characters like Merlin. If you have any wisdom to add, share it for the good of new players. We as a community want to have players who aren't scrubs, so everyone can have more fun.

Character Generation and Building

Planning Out Your Character

Review the Weapon Specialization and Stat Importance sections. Figure out what kind of build and what weapons interest you, and then proceed through character generation.

Dreams of Before

In Dreams of Before, pick items that would contribute to the stats for your weapon(s). You don't need perfect stats, as you can make most rolls acceptable both in the gym and outside of it. The optimal way to go is to get a few high stats relevant to your weapon skill and to have 8s in the rest of your stats. There's a way to do this: if you do not want a stat to have a high total, don't represent it in the items you pick. For instance, if you want to use Clubs or Fists, grab ONLY items that affect brawn, reflexes and endurance only for the most surefire way to get decent stats.

If you go with having dump stats (8s or 9s) to max out your weapon stats, those will be very easy to grind outside of the gym. That's why you want to have low dump stats.


Keep in mind that you can make extensive gains in the stat department outside of the gym, and more than just a few raw if you work hard at it. Stats cap out the same as skills, at 15 raw, when outside of the gym. The best way to stat grind would be to avoid taking mutations that increase stats that aren't yet at 15 and to avoid gyming those stats until they are at 15.00. Some stats like brawn only have a couple skills to grind the stat with. For brawn in particular, you can carry around heavy weight and do laps around your area of choice to farm brawn IP, which is an exercise in masochism based on how ineffective it is at mid-level raws. It seems that as skill raws get higher, they are also less likely to yield you stat IP, so diversity of training is key if you want to tap into the world of stat IPs.

When you are gyming your character, remember that you want to set yourself up so that your endgame stats have even totals. For example, if you use Blades, you want your endgame cool total and reflexes total to both be odd or even numbers, to get the most out of your unbuffed stats. Based on your usage of drugs, you may be able to get an extra total by nature of having the most minmaxed, uneven stats.


Having higher totals makes it harder to gain skill. This is very important to make note of with regard to your weapons skills. Similar to stat grinding, you would want to avoid any gyming or mutating that benefits your weapons totals, lest you have a harder time grinding them. The worst case scenario with disregarding it is that you would hit a wall and have to resort to learning to 15 off a raider boss, because your total would be so high grinding the last few raws are obscenely tedious or impossible.

Weapon Specialization


Melee weapons are the most popular weapons. You have a lot of options available, and you should choose the one best suited to your starting stats, as a primary, dependable weapon. You should also understand the parry system. There are weapons that have a blank in the parry column, as well as weapons that have a * or **. You would call the blank parry class 0, or PC0, the * PC1, and the ** PC2. PC2 weapons can parry PC2, PC1, and PC0 weapons. PC1 weapons can parry PC1 and PC0 weapons. PC0 weapons can only parry PC0. While stunned, you cannot parry. Having higher hit than your opponent allows more room for parrying and less room for your opponent.

ClubsBrawn and Reflexes. Use Brawn for damage, Reflexes for weapon speed, and Brawn and Reflexes for hit. The only weapon class that requires 2 stats all the way through. Extremely easy to minmax; just get really high Brawn and Reflexes and dump everything else. The third best stat should be Endurance — if you can get this to 14+ you can run around on full meth boosts. Although beat damage is minimally protected against, the low criticals of the high-end clubs can make them completely soakable by well-prepared combatants and as such generally inferior to fists in the endgame. Clubs have two-handed PC2 weapons and one-handed PC1 weapons.

SpearsEndurance and Reflexes. Use Brawn for damage, Reflexes for weapon speed, and Endurance+Reflexes to hit. Benefits greatly from speed. I am not sure of the ideal stat balance. You can use meth for a +4 bonus to Endurance, +4 to Reflexes at all times, really helping your to-hit and weapon speed. You definitely want at least 17-18 Endurance. High brawn can really jack up the damage on these, so don't neglect it too much. Almost every spear is PC2, so you could get away with having lesser dodge. Assegais can make good companion weapons to pistols, adding an element of parry.

FistsBrawn and Endurance. Use Brawn for damage, Reflexes for weapon speed, and Brawn and Endurance to hit. Also can use meth for +4 to Endurance +4 to Reflexes. Jawbreakers and claws and fangs really shine with high Brawn, so to be a pro fists user you would want to max it. Tesla Gauntlets are a good option if you have lower Brawn, because they are entirely skill-based. Reflexes do not need to be so high as you can use speed and implants for +8 to get a decent weapon speed on jawbreakers and claws and fangs. Endurance should be at least 17-18. The highest parrying fists weapons are PC1, so you should not only have great dodge, but you should be using the fastest weapons you can.

WhipsReflexes and Senses. This is mainly a crafter weapon, as blacklashes do not require Brawn to do damage. For combat-oriented whips users there really is not much way around getting Vampire or Hideous Freak, which both boost certain whips stats by a good margin. Most whips use skill for the majority of their damage, but the damage simply cannot keep up with piston hammers, shiver swords, jawbreakers and the like. The idea would be to max Reflexes and Senses. Brawn is important for flame chains, and Endurance should be decent to be able to use drugs. Another advantage of whips is that you would have a really high Dodge skill, since Dodge uses Reflexes and Senses. Depending on dodge skill is rather risky, however, and guns will completely ruin your day. Flame Chains are the only PC2 whip, and those need jacked up brawn to do higher damage. Overall, whips should be avoided for a serious combat character, unless you know exactly what you're doing. They simply require too many stats to be able to take a proper minmax route, and their damage modifiers are far lower than other weapon classes.

For the above 4 weapons, you can dump Cool completely. It is the most worthless stat in the game if you are not using guns/blades.

BladesCool and Reflexes. All blades additionally use Brawn for damage EXCEPT the shiver sword. Blades are very dangerous, but ridiculously equipment dependent. The best blade, the shiver sword, is a pain to craft, far more so than any other blade, whereas most of the other weapon classes have an easily available weapon that does just a little less damage then the very best in the class. Shiver swords are not all that fast either, and you need a lot of reflexes to max speed on them. This is made up for by insane damage, but be wary of stunlocks from powerattacks. Your goal should be to be able to maintain around 27-28 rfx for near maximum weapon speed. The other blades cap their damage at 16-18 brawn or so, except for the bruce which seems to cap at 20. If you have 16 brawn you can do acceptable damage with most blades. Blades have many PC2 and PC1 options, but just like clubs, they do not have any one-handed PC2 weapons. Since there are so many things that boost cool and reflexes, ability to parry is a major upside of using blades.


Guns cannot parry, with few exceptions, but at the same time you cannot parry a gun user (no, you faggot weeaboos you cannot block bullets with your katana). Guns also ignore a lot of dodge skill, meaning that they will mess up that annoying dude who wears no armor and makes every one of your melee swings miss. Put these two together, and you quickly realize the only protection against guns are 1. stunning your opponent and 2. armor. NOBODY likes to fight a high level guns user; at the very least they'll smash up your armor pretty badly.

RiflesCool and Reflexes to hit and damage. Brawn for weapon speed. You want to have 17 Brawn to use the top end rifles (AK, bullpup, plasma rifle). You want max Reflexes, 17 Brawn, and as much Cool as you can spare. Rifles have a nice advantage in that most of them are pretty easy to obtain, especially the AK-7 rifle (which is a pretty dangerous weapon that is even viable in the endgame). Rifles have a stun effect based on the wielder's weapon skill that make them very useful, however it seems to be a rare occurrence which should not be relied on completely.

PistolsCool and Reflexes to hit and damage. Brawn for weapon speed. Pistols are just as good as rifles. Hammerhead speed caps at 12 brawn, so thats what you want to shoot for, and lasblaster caps at 13. Pistols overall shoot faster and require less brawn then rifles, but this is counterbalanced by the difficulty of obtaining high level pistol ammunition, and pistols are more expensive. Pistols can be a good weapon for nerd characters, the low brawn requirement means that someone without the brute strength mutation can use pistols.

Stat Importance

Reflexes — One of the better stats in the game because of what all it factors into. Blades, rifles, pistols, clubs and whips users will want to maximize this unless you can get enough endurance to use speed. Spears users will also want high reflexes. Fists users are notable in that reflexes only affects their weapon speed, not their to-hit, so they can get away with skimping a little. Affects weapon speed and/or to-hit for every weapon. Also stops rampaging retards from grabbing you and punching the shit out of you. High weapon speed is very important as the game goes by. Don't be tempted by the +2 reflexes offered by the Nimble Fingers mutation. Chances are the endurance you lose will push you right over the edge of being able to reasonably use drugs, and the beat damage nerf will be a slap in the face, telling you "Haha! You took Nimble Fingers!"

Brawn — Damage for almost all weapons, speed for guns. This needs to be high for everyone except whips/pistols users. This also affects carrying capacity and max armor thickness worn (caps at 15). Notable exceptions are the shiver sword and some whips, which do not use brawn in any way and as such make good weapons for brains-type characters. Fists characters especially want to raise brawn to maximum. Clubs and spears also want really high brawn. With clubs this is easier as they only need 2 stats, but spears users need to think a little harder about how they should distribute their stats.

Endurance - This is probably the most underrated and best stat in the whole game. Endurance is important for resisting stuns from spew and resisting adverse conditions such as shock, knockout, and zombie rot. It also determines what drug dosages you can handle without getting strung. Basically, having enough endurance to use 8-10 mg methamphetamine should be your goal, which is around 14 total endurance. Obviously, more endurance will help a lot with avoiding strung, but 14 is enough to do 10mg with maybe one or two strung doses if you use crank only. Having at least 17-18 endurance is ideal for the endurance-based weapons users, who will constantly be on drugs to offset lower reflexes. Having too high (usually about 18+) of endurance can be very bad if you are not a Hideous Freak because the stress will quickly become unmanageable without having an arsenal of THC grenades and hypos at your command. If you have extremely high endurance, you can get away with doing 10mg crank and 4 doses of coke all in one bite of food, just like an abomination can. Consider this before dumping endurance for reflexes. Nobody wants to fight a high endurance character unless they have an exploitable weakness like slow attack speed or low Brains.

Brains — More brains is less chance to get feinted. Not a total waste for a combat character, due to the Medic and Repair skills which are so amazingly useful not only to you but the rest of your corporation.

Senses — Not much numerical penalty for dumping unless you use whips, but affects pretty useful skills like Track, Dodge, and Focus.

Cool — Very little penalty for dumping unless you are a gunman or blade user. Even the cool dependent skills aren't that useful.

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