When you play Mush games there are many different available clients. You can use just the normal telnet window, charon, AURAmush, Mushclient,TinyMUX, simplemu..
The list goes on and on.

Witch client should I use?

There is no one answer to this question but I suggest that you use SimpleMu. You can download SimpleMu from here
If you don't want to use that client no problem but I find it to have everything I need and more and I really suggest you get it.

Ok I got SimpleMu now what?

Well you are going to want to install it and after you are done with that go ahead and launch it.
When you are sitting on the main screen go ahead and go to File->New Connection Wizard


You are going to want to type in for the site address then click next


now you are going to want to put in 7777 for the port number then click next


Now you want to have MUSH,Mux, or moo selected and click next


Then type in what ever you want to call this connection and click finish.

Now if you would like to set up SimpleMu so it always connects to hellmoo when you open it up go to File->AutoConnect and check the box of whatever you called you hellmoo connection and click ok


Now after you connect you can go to Connection->Site Properties and enter your user name and Password so it can automatically log you in once the connection is made to the hellmoo server.


Ok well im logged into hellmoo just fine and SimpleMu is looking super sexy what now?

Ok well to make the game more readable i suggest you use spawns to set up windows. It basically filters out text from the game and puts it in a new window.
So from site properties click on the tab labeled Spawns
your window should look like this but blank


now when we are finished you should have something looking just like mine.

go ahead and click add spawn and fill out the fields like I have


the window caption is just what ever you want the new window to be called its your choice
but the [NEXUS]* we entered is for the filter. Basically it looks for [NEXUS] in your hellmoo window and it can have anything after it, that is what the wild card does "*"
now when some event happens in the corp as in somebody was hired or fired or somebody gained a contract or lost one or is just talking a new window will pop up with all this information. I like to have all my windows formatted, I have a window for chatnet, a window for pages, the main window, and corp chat. After all the windows spawn from the text being displayed you can rearrange them to how you want and then press ctrl-F2 to save the windows placements.

You suck what now?

Go earn some mother fucking money for the corp you prick!

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