So you want to be a Medic?

Hello, Welcome to NEXUS Corp and congratulations on your choice on the most honorable of professions…Medic.

Now why would someone write up a guide to being a medic? Don't I just need a good medic skill?

Of course not, Assclown! If it were so simple we would all do it!
Being a medic for a corp and trying to keep this many people alive and happy isn't easy! It requires keeping fresh stock of almost every medicine on your person at all times, with plenty of character sacrifices, and a whole heapin' load of drop whatever your doing to save this prick!

Well what if I just want a heal skill high enough to help myself?

TFB-Too Friggin' Bad…you selfish prick. Without dumping cool, endurance, and brawn right out the window your medical skill will never be high enough to do the most important things, which means you'll still have to call on dedicated medics.

Now the first thing to being a good medic is proper skill selection. When in "Dreams of Below" You'll want to grab: The Panties, The Med Kit, The Li'l Indy Leather Bullwhip, And the Chemistry Set. Now the Chemistry set is debatable and I'll go into why in a moment.

Why did I have to take those items?

Simple, I told you too….what, you wanted more than that?

The Panties-Fuck Skill- A Good Fuck is a free heal, and a stress reducer! The better you fuck, the more you heal, and the less often you fail at wanking you horny li'l devil! It's also a good idea to read as many porno mags as possible so you'll have almost every fetish, and never be at a loss for a hard-on. This skill really helps later one when you get into mutations and skill implants that cause stress as you use them.

The Med Kit- Medic Skill- Do I really need to spell this out? Alright fine, I will. Listen up Johnny Wannabe, you can't just have the medic skill and think your going to be able to save someone. The higher the skill, the more tools you can use. Until your skill is past 12 you'll still fail at injections, nevermind even attempting to defib some poor flatliner, for which you need at least 20. The higher you can get the skill, the better, and doing it fast is key. The good people of NEXUS work hard on a variety of tasks and often come across some very complicated and interesting injuries, the last thing we need is some wankoff calling himself "Doctor" to be telling these folks "Go 2 the hospitalz, lol." That's just bad form.

The Li'l Indy Leather Bullwhip-Whip Skill- This damn near the only weapon a medic character will be any good with, your hallmark for personal defense, so it's important to grab this early on. The stats important to medic pretty much rule out anything else…so run with it.

The Chemistry Set-Chemistry Skill- As I mentioned before, this one is bit debatable and could be replaced by other things such as socket wrench or the tube of glue for repair and crafting respectively. The reason I suggest getting the chem set, is it is much easier to grind the later two and chemistry will allow you to build your own medical supplies as well as things like bombs, pretty friggin' cool eh?

Now this character setup also allows you to be really good at other things such as repair, crafting, hacking, lockpicking, piloting, appraising, and scavenging. And decent with things like pistols and bombs.

Well Echo, this all sounds great! Where are those sacrifices you mentioned?

Well, for starters you have a low ass maximum carry weight, likely no more than 30kg. You can't wear anything resembling real armor which puts you at a massive downhill in combat, climbing and swimming are, to quote Temon, "metric-fuck-tons" harder. And if you so much as attempt to pick up a rifle, sword, knife, club…really anything other than a whip…your gonna hurt yourself. You also lose the ability to take damage in almost any form, and your endurance will likely be so low you can't take more than a couple stat boosting drugs without bringing yourself within an inch of a heart attack. You also won't be able to handle stress, sickness, or even being horny or slightly irradiated very well…plus you'll shit your pants at a paper cut.

Now, on to the stats!

As a medic your most important stat is brains. Now, obviously you can't go dumping every point in "Dreams of Below" into brains. You'll want to the divide the extra points into senses and reflexes with a strong preference toward senses. This leaves nothing for brawn, cool, or endurance.
You'll have to train those last three on your own, in the gym. Do not go wasting mutations trying to fix your puny arms by getting brute strength and thinking "Well now I'm strong and don't have to follow that assholes guide!". No, all you did was waste your time and you'll be rerolling your character when you find out that your actually a lot worse at everything.

Now then, to end on a happy note, as a medic you are an immensely valuable asset to NEXUS and everyone will love you, praise your name, maybe even build you a small shrine…at least that's how it would be in a perfect world. Instead your going to be at the beck and call of the corporation running around like crazy trying to keep everyone else alive and happy, I never said this was a happy job. Welcome to HELL children!

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